Snowy Winter Road

Yes folks, winter always seems to be just around the corner here in New England. And whether you've only experienced one winter here in Connecticut or you've lived here all your life, you know just how cold and slippery it can when the mercury starts to drop in your thermometer.

But just as you prepare yourself for winter by buying a new parka, getting the shovel out of the garage, and maybe even stocking up on hot cocoa, it's important to make sure your car is ready for winter too.

Fortunately, we here at Quality Subaru have weathered a fair few Connecticut winters ourselves here at our Wallingford Subaru dealership, and we've got some great tips to get your car ready for all the blustery weather ahead!

Tip #1: Snow Tires

We simply can't stress this one enough! While most all Subaru cars on the road today come with Standard Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, that's not going to be enough when the roads are covered in ice and snow. Fortunately, that's where snow tires come in handy. We often have drivers ask, "What makes snow tires different from all-season tires?" Well, there are a number of different factors that make snow tires function better than all-season tires when the weather gets cold, like…

  • Rubber Composition

    Winter tires have a rubber chemical composition that remains flexible at low temperatures, providing better traction and control than all-season tires which become less flexible as the temperature drops.

  • Tread Pattern

    Winter tires feature a tread pattern that helps move snow and slush out of the way, whereas snow and slush tend to stick to all-season tires

  • Biting Edges

    Winter tires have edges that bite into the snow and ice, helping them to maintain traction, while all-season tires glide over snow and ice.

As you can see, having the right set of winter tires for your Subaru car is absolutely imperative to staying safe on the road during the wintertime here in Connecticut. Fortunately, at our Wallingford, CT Subaru service center, we have a wide variety of Subaru-approved winter tires, and our team will be only too happy to guide you to a set of winter tires that are perfectly suited to your car.

Tip #2: Antifreeze and Engine Coolant

Just as the rapidly falling temperatures of winter can affect your immune system, they can also have an effect on your car's systems, particularly the engine. If you're low on antifreeze and engine coolant, your engine can and will freeze if left at low temperatures for long enough, and trust us when we say no one wants to come back from a long day at work only to find that they're car won't start.

Luckily, it's only too easy for us to check your anti-freeze and engine coolant levels right here at Quality Subaru. Feel free to schedule an appointment online for Subaru fluid service at our Wallingford, CT Subaru service center, and we'll gladly check your car's levels and top it off if need be.

Tip #3: Oil

Now, you may think, "But wait, I just changed my oil about a month ago, so that should be ready for winter, right?" Well, you might be, provided you used winter-grade synthetic oil to do so.

You see, as the temperature drops during wintertime, conventional engine oil becomes more viscous and thicker, making it less efficient at lubricating your engine and clearing buildup from the combustion process away from sensitive components.

However, with winter-grade synthetic oil, the difference in viscosity between normal operating temperatures and low operating temperatures is much less drastic, meaning its more efficient at keeping your engine lubricated than conventional oil in cold weather. So, if you want to be sure your Subaru car is ready for winter, schedule yourself an appointment for a Subaru oil change at our Wallingford, CT Subaru service center as soon as possible to ensure you're getting winter-grade synthetic oil.

Bonus Tips from Quality Subaru

Now, the tips above are some crucial and impactful steps you can take to get your car ready for winter, but there's also a few other things you can do like…

  • Get your air and fuel filters replaced
  • Have a multi-point inspection and tune-up done to address any outstanding drivability issue
  • Ensure your heater and defroster are in good working order
  • Have your battery tested at our Wallingford, CT Subaru service center
  • Check all lights, bulbs, and turn signals
  • Get your brakes tested
  • Check for fluid leaks
  • Stock your car with an emergency kit including a small shovel, sand or kitty litter for traction, tire chains, a flashlight with extra batteries, a cell-phone with a portable battery, and nutritious, non-perishable snacks

Follow these tips and you'll be much better prepared for anything winter here in Connecticut throws your way. For more winter car care tips, feel free to get in touch with some of our service technicians here at our Quality Subaru service center in Wallingford, CT!


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