If you need to jump another car, keep this handy guide close by. Be sure you're wearing safety gloves and glasses before working anywhere near the car battery. Once the two cars are nose-to-nose, open the hoods, cut the engine, and turn off the car lights.

The positive ends of the jumper cables are red, and go to positive end of good battery first. Then you can place the other red one on the positive of the dead battery. The negative ends of the jumper cables are black. One goes to the negative side on good battery, the other must be secured to any metal surface on the car getting a jump-start. Start the one car, leave it running a few minutes, and rev the engine periodically.

After a few minutes, try starting the other car. It may need a few tries before starting. Once you get it started, drive to our car battery shop in Wallingford, CT as soon as possible. This guide to jump-start your vehicle was brought to you by Quality Subaru.

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