Exhaust leaks are one of the most potentially dangerous issues a car can have. Carbon monoxide, a deadly odorless gas, is a component of your car's exhaust. Breathing it in can be deadly. The signs of an exhaust leak are easy to identify and can be symptoms of other serious issues, too.

The first sign of an exhaust leak is a popping or hissing noise while the engine's running. Also check for damaged paint near the exhaust ports. Burned spark plug wires can be another sign. Pay attention to the noise coming from the tailpipe, too. Changes should be treated as significant.

Vibrations in the steering wheel and reduced gas mileage can also be signs of damage to the exhaust system. When checking for exhaust leaks, the car should always be on. If you're not confident that you have the expertise to do it yourself, stop by the Subaru repair shop at Quality Subaru. We're happy to help.

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