You wake up late, then you can't get your hair to look right. The milk is spoiled plus no coffee. This is nothing compared to having a flat tire that you can't change. Wise drivers anticipate the occasional breakdown, but a flat tire can be replaced on the spot if you know what to do.

Be sure to park in a safe location. Please cut off your car engine then engage the emergency brake. Locate the tools to change your tire, and professionals recommend practice so you will feel confident to do the job. Slightly loosen the tire bolts before lifting the car. Jack up the vehicle around 6 inches, and be certain to look at the manual for recommendations to place the jack. Take off the tire bolts and tire. Put the spare tire in the proper place, and tighten the tire bolts evenly. Then lower the car to the ground then finishes making the tire bolts tight. Should this be a donut style tire please note reduced speed and distance recommendations.

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