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In Wallingford, CT

Service Lounge

Relax in our open and welcoming lounge while you wait for your vehicle. It's almost like being in your own living room. Watch TV, enjoy free WiFi or use our courtesy computer.  Warm up by our fireplace or just enjoy the view.


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We have two new service machines from Hunter Engineering Company for your servicing convenience!

.:HawkEye Elite Alignment Machine:.


Wheel alignment if slightly off can lead to uneven wear and tear on tires, lower fuel economy, pulling to the left or right, and just overall low safety and poor handling of your vehicle.  The HawkEye Elite uses digital imaging sensors and high resolution cameras that instantly update adjustment readings to the console.  The technician can make sure all the wheels are aligned precisely with Hunter's latest patented version of WinAlign
® alignment software.

.:Road Force Wheel Balance Machine:.


Wheel vibration if left unchecked can lead to expensive damage and unsafe driving conditions. It can cause excessive wear on tires, Damage to Suspension and Steering Components, Unsafe Steering and Handling.  So get it checked out by one of our Subaru Certified Technicians and they will use our new state of the art Road Force Wheel Balance machine to match the conditions that the road would produce to make sure they are catching any and all issues even anything that might have been missed without the pressure this machine provides.

Quality Subaru Service Advisors:

Karen Prisco
Service Advisor
Paul Honious
 Service Manager

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